BSH International has detected the market need to find adequate hospitality performance statistical data to support hotels’ planning, development and management and the lack of experts to provide and develop specific analysis of each hospitality segment.

BSH Travel Research is an independent division of BSH International that invests in collecting and organizing statistical data in order to transform it into information and analysis. They have the goal of generating and disseminating specific technical knowledge for more transparency and the improvement of National Tourism.

BSH Travel Research acts completely independently, due to the nature of the work and the importance of keeping any data and information analyzed confidential, in accordance with the anti-trust requirements of the market.

Trend Reports

BSH Travel Research Trend Reports provide the market with trustworthy information about the National Tourism’s performance and new tendencies.

To download some of the reports published by BSH Travel Reseach, just click on the file’s cover, available in pdf.

Luxury Hotel Market – São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro
Resorts in Brazil
Investments in Brazil: Hotels & Resorts
Investimentos no Brasil

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