Hospitality Asset Management and assisting hotel owners realize their objectives.

This service is performed by a professional that can be defined in the following way: "A representative of the owner that assures that the hotel is (or was) acquired for a reasonable price, and is being operated adequately while the property is with its owner and that was (or will be) sold at the right moment for an appropriate price."

A hospitality asset manager should have knowledge of business administration, finances, marketing, laws, engineering, hotel operations, human resources and investment administration.

BSH defines itself as a hospitality asset management company because it unites a multi-disciplinary team que dominates these competencies, is dedicated to the objectives of its clients and knows how to take care of hospitality investments.

The BSH team, in performing these asset management functions, can take care of everything in an investment cycle, elaborating a Strategic Investment Plan and executing it in a way that guarantees its investors that the outcomes of the plan are being followed thoroughly.

The Strategic Investment Plan should establish the parameters of the investment and its returns, and should define an exit strategy.

A hotel asset manager manages the investment, supervises the hotel operation and supervises the physical assets.


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