BSH 25 Years

Accor Hospitality

Responsible: Roland de Bonadona
Position: COO, Latin America

Testimonial: "My ways and paths of Accor and BSH have been crossing since my arrival in 1990 and my first steps in the field of hotel development in Brazil. BSH under the command of José Ernesto is part of the history of the hospitality and tourism industry of the last 25 years, their battles, their successes and major challenges still know. BSH had a great contribution to the modernization of our industry and its components, operation models, the dissemination of reliable information available to investors, the formation of great professionals who are currently working in our companies. Success BSH for their 25 years of history! "

GJP Participações

Responsible: Guilherme Paulus
Position: Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of CVC and president of GJP Participações.

Testimonial: "The work carried out by BSH International over its 25 years of existence was essential to the development of the hotel sector in Brazil. Just like every other business sector, I admire the excellence of this consulting firm, as well as the expertise of José Ernesto Marino Neto."

Armando Conde Investimentos S.A.

Responsible: Armando Conde
Position: President

Testimonial: "I know José Ernesto Marino for about 30 years. As soon as I left Banco de Credito Nacional – BCN, late 88's, early 89's. We met due to my real estate activities that was and still is my new path. Through common friends we started our relationship that became a deep friendship in which I could meet a young man full of talent, integrity and respect. Unfortunately we haven't seen each other frequently, but I can say that this is an individual capable that demonstrated in these 25 years of existence of BSH and for the growth that he has made of this company, today is one of the main authorities of hospitality investments. Congratulations to BSH, to Marino and all his employees that are an example of entrepreneur and honest company."

Grupo RFM Construções

Responsible: Marcio Moraes
Position: Director

Testimonial: "The RFM Group has been operating for many years in the development of tourism projects in Brazil and has ongoing partnership with BSH, captained by Jose Ernesto Marino. Professionalism, market knowledge and abilities of the team BSH convey the safety analysis and research each investment and continue assisting in its implementation and control contributing to the return of our investors."

NH Hotel Group

Responsible: José Pérez Barquero Flores
Position: Development Director, South America

Testimonial: "BSH had a key role in the return of NH to Brazil in 2010. After our experience at the NH Della Volpe in São Paulo from 2001 to 2008, NH wanted to return to Brazil with a Strategic Plan establishing a portfolio of 15 - 20 hotels within 5 years with a strategy "asset light". At that point BSH's work was very important and his detailed knowledge of the Brazilian hotel market to understand us and bringing us again to this market in a more efficient and cost effective way. Today Brazil is a major center for the development of our brands in the world and in Latin America. And Brazil occupies such a strategic place in our company because BSH helped us to adapt standard contracts, product and NH structure of the Brazilian market."

Interval International

Responsible: Fernando Baracho Martinelli
Position: Executive Director, Brasil

Testimonial: "BSH has contributed significantly to the development of tourism in Brazil in the past 25 years with a history of many pioneering achievements and initiatives. Having been part of this story it is a source of great pride and certainly one of the greatest lessons of my professional career ".

Tivoli Hotels

Responsible: Alexandre Solleiro
Position: Chief Executive Officer 

Testimonial: "BSH has been one of our main "fellow travelers" since we took the decision, ten years ago, to establish ourselves in Brazil. Their knowledge of the hotel market, domestic and international tourism, the urban development plans of cities, regions and infrastructure, always gave us precious insights to our investment decisions and product development. Congratulations on 25 years, thanks for the great collaboration and availability, and rates of over 25 years of success."


Responsible: Marino Garofani
Position: President

Testimonial: "BSH has emerged on the national hospitality scenario as the most efficient and competent advisory company in the industry. We had a chance to count on BSH services with great results. I highlight the good service and relationship with Ernesto Marino, director of the company."

ZII Hotels

Responsible: Julio Mendes Gavinho
Position: CEO

Testimonial: "I know the work of BSH for fifteen years and during this period I had contact with several of its successful hotel projects. The history of the development of our industry in Brazil passes and merges with the successful track record of José Ernesto and BSH. I desire another 25 years of success and victories, positively influencing the development of the hospitality industry in Brazil."

Carvalho Hosken S.A.

Responsible: Carlos Fernando Andrade de Carvalho
Position: Vice President

Testimonial: "We at Carvalho Hosken only have to thank all the professionalism and dedication of BSH International in the advisory services rendered to the development of Hilton Barra project."

La Quinta Inns

Responsible: Rajiv Trivedi
Position: Executive Vice President & Chief Development Officer

Testimonial: “Congratulations to BSH for the 25th anniversary. A hospitality vision of Jose Ernesto, his relationship, knowledge, and commitment to clients are the reasons for the continued success for the past 25 years. I wish even greater success in coming 25 years. Way to go BSH!”

Vert Hotéis

Responsible: Amilcar Mielmiczuk
Position: Development Director 

Testimonial: "I have the privilege to know the work of BSH for many years. During the last 12 years I evaluated directly dozens of marketing studies prepared by BSH for our clients all of them with excellent technical level. Several of them are no longer only studies and became hotels with great success in the market. Viewing these hotels in operation is a great pleasure. Good luck on the journey next year! "


Responsible: Guilherme Cesari
Position: Vice President of Development, Brazil 

Testimonial: "BSH activities have been essential to the evolution of the hotel market in Brazil in recent years. With a team that brings extensive international experience and thorough knowledge of the local market, BSH has exerted great influence on the market, leading investors and other stakeholders in their decision making processes. His publications derive detailed analysis and relevant insights on the latest market trends, helping to clear the way for all who work in the industry. Congratulations to the whole team for this important milestone of 25 years!"


Responsible: Paulo Salvador
Position: Chief Marketing Officer

Testimonial: "I had the opportunity to witness the work of BSH International and José Ernesto Marino since the first "Brazilian Hospitality Investment Forum" took place at Hotel Transmerica in 2000. Since then I note the entrepreneurship spirit and the school that formed large number of professionals in hotel development also in Brazil. Added to this, I meet Jose Ernesto and BSH in various international forums, where are recognized as true ambassadors of investment opportunities in our country. "

Porto Bello Hotéis e Resorts

Responsible: Cicero G. Sena Neto
Position: President

Testimonial: "BSH is intertwined with its dynamic founder, José Ernesto Marino. It is impossible to disassociate the figure of the entrepreneur's innovative company created. As a hotel manager and former president of hotel industry associations, I always had the articles and testimonials from Marino and BSH Conferences a reliable source of information, contacts and trends of modern hotel industry. Congratulations on 25 years of fruitful collaboration with the Brazilian tourism. "

Vaccaro Participaces SA

Responsible: Vinicius Manoel de Sabiro
Position: Civil Engineer 

Testimonial: "BSH International met us with a captivating sobriety. The responsibility in observing scenarios, as well as the attention given to customers’ targets makes Vaccaro Participações S/A has sure its importance in the study of the hotel market. "

Vert Hotéis

Responsible: Érica Drumond
Position: President and CEO

Testimonial: "Our recognition to BSH International, an important ally in the growth of the hotel market in Brazil, working during the last 25 years based on transparency and efficiency in order to guide us on the best business opportunities. The hotel consulting is one of the segments on the rise and a strategic tool for the success of our work, as the search for new knowledge and innovation in hospitality has been indispensable. Therefore, Vert Hotel thanks the friendship established, and desires to BSH International many more years of success so that they can increasingly strengthen hotel investments in our country."

Expo Editora

Responsible: Sergio Junqueira Arantes
Position: Not available

Testimonial: "The biggest award of the /event industry in Brazil was born in a BSH Conference. It was the year 2000 when José Ernesto gave us available space at Hotel Transamerica Sao Paulo to perform the first edition of Caio Award, where our dreams come true. BSH Conferences were the most important meeting of experts of national and international hospitality industry. A rereading the first editions of Events Magazine shows us that researches conducted on the prospects for expansion of hotel in Sao Paulo and in Brazil, when BSH was an important source, but one could also observe the important role of BSH in enforcing international networks in country. Were 25 years well lived. Congratulations."


Responsible: Felipe Gomes
Position: Vice President 

Testimonial: "In a market still becoming mature, not to mention amateur, BSH has been one of the few islands of industry information for investors, hotel managers, students, press and onlookers managers, providing a quality service and always promoting new visions of what happens in our industry. I wish long life to the company and many studies of hospitality.”

Casa Valor

Responsible: Rolando Rozenblum
Position: Not available 

Testimonial: "I would like to thank the dedicated attention of tireless pursuing the excellence service in different opportunities since 1998. It always was and it will be a great pleasure to have the support of BSH in the challenges and opportunities that demand ever faster and more efficient decisions. Congratulations for the first 25 years! "

Hotel Del Fiol

Responsible: Raul Antônio Del Fiol
Position: Not available 

Testimonial: "Our experience with BSH allows us to say their work is highly professional, outstanding, seriously done and based on broad strategic vision of the hotel industry. I have also to highlight the ethical behavior and independence in their work. It is, indeed, a company "world class" in their area of activities! "

InterCity de Hotéis

Responsible: Alexandre Gehlen
Position: General Director 

Testimonial: "I congratulate the BSH for their 25-year history that with hard work and dedication, contributes to hotel development bringing information, watching and studying the market."

Interval International

Responsible: Marcos Agostini
Position: Senior vice president of resort sales and business development, Latin America.

Testimonial: "BSH has contributed greatly to the hospitality industry of Brazil. Its founder, José Ernesto, is uniquely positioned to help those who want to play a role in the tourism market of the country. We believe that business is driven by people and ideas and BSH brings these ingredients, and more, to the table. "

Transamerica Hotels

Responsible: Heber Garrido
Position: Director

Testimonial: "Congratulations to BSH International celebrating its 25-year history of success! In those years, became a major source of knowledge about the market for investment in the hospitality sector, and increasingly leads investment opportunities in our country to the global community, working directly with the development of tourism. All this, won with a lot of talent and competence of José Ernesto Marino Neto and his team of professionals."

Enseada das Flores

Responsible: Alexandre Belém
Position: General Manager 

Testimonial: "The lucid approach, technical, scientific and business oriented of BSH much contributed and made a difference in the definition and execution of our business plan. Congratulations! More 25 years to come! A hug and my best wishes of good luck!"

OPTR2 Empreendimentos Imobiliários ltda

Responsible: Mohamad Osman
Position: Not available 

Testimonial: "I am happy to express my satisfaction with the result of BSH consulting services to me. I thank all of BSH team by professional way and super helpful they were with me. Not to mention that I have made referrals of BSH to 3 friends who were super pleased with BSH advices and the results."

VOA Associates Inc

Responsible: Eduardo Manzano
Position: Director of Architecture and Interior Design  

Testimonial: "BSH, 25 years of success! It's not usual that a company celebrates 25 years of success. In consulting hotel segment is much harder. BSH these years has been recognized by its professionalism and integrity serving their clients and the strength of its strategic partnerships like with VOA Associates. We are very proud to be part of this company's history, contributing to this solid and constant success. Long ago José Ernesto Marino Neto is a respected point of reference when we talk about consultants in so complex sectors such as tourism and hospitality, when "Reaching the Financial Targets" is the need. Congratulations, Jose Ernesto and BSH team, continue this way in a line of understanding of our reality and making hospitality business "more feasible". A hug!"


Responsible: Cyro Naufel
Position: General Director 

Testimonial: "For long time I have the pleasure to accompany and partake with BSH in the development of hotel products in Brazil. BSH and José Ernesto Marino became, over these 25 years, in the maximum exponent and references of a market that requires high degree of expertise and knowledge. Congratulations on your successful path. More to come 25, 50... years of great success!"


Responsible : "Felix Madera
Position: Executive VP International

Testimonial: "I have known Mr. Jose Ernesto Marino Neto for the past 25 years. During that time, Mr. Marino Neto was instrumental in introducing Sonesta Hotels to business partners in Brazil which resulted in our procuring two franchises. His professionalism, commitment, ability and dedication are to be commended. I have no reservations in recommending Mr. Marino Neto for any possible business opportunities."


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