BSH International has trained many talented individuals. Many of the professionals that worked at BSH are, currently, leaders of different companies within the Brazilian hospitality industry. Read below some of their testimonials. Contact us if you would like to send us your own testimonial.

"When I was studying Tourism and Hospitality in Balneário Camboriú, the last semester was dedicated to internships and students could choose their favorite area to work in. As my favorite discipline had been Hotel Development, I decided to apply for an internship at BSH, in São Paulo, an important company in the hotel planning market. José Ernesto and his staff welcomed me for a three month internship. These three months became almost five years of hard work, dedication, learning experiences, professional relationships and, above all, important friendships that still exist today."
(Abel Alves de Castro Jr., Director of New Projects Development, Accor Hospitality)

"Working with José Ernesto and BSH provided me with a variety of views into the hospitality industry, brought me important relationships and to new levels of professional development. It was an important period."
(Ariel Yaari, Director, Anagrama Hospitalidade)

"Working for BSH was one of the most important phases of my professional career. Being so close to the main hotels, resorts and tourist real estate projects of the country let me understand the market in a wide and solid way. Beyond that, working with Ernesto Marino is a plus. I want to express my admiration and appreciation for BSH, undoubtedly the biggest hospitality investment specialist in the country. Their success is the result of a lot of effort and dedication, and BSH has been doing it very well for more than 20 years."
(Fernando Baracho Martinelli, Director, FBM Development)

"BSH was a great school for my professional career. The responsibility and the competent professionals that I worked with, together with the great ambience in the work place, made the years I spent in the company unforgettable"
(Marcelo Picka, General Coordinator of the school-hotels of Senac SP)

"Working at BSH for 7 months, being responsible for the initial concept and the completion of the new web site and also for the communication and marketing of the company gave me a view into the hospitality industry that neither my four years of college nor another four as a reporter at the biggest specialized media vehicle could have provided. I am very grateful to José Ernesto and to all the BSH Team."
(Christiane Kokubo)

"I can say that BSH was fundamental for my professional development, it is a great school. Aside from being my first work experience, I had the opportunity to work at BSH for 5 years, from 1999 to 2004. During this period, I worked in different departments throughout the company, participating in important projects in our industry, I developed my enjoyment of research and I was able experience different periods of the hospitality market's development. I have really good memories of my time at BSH."
(Ana Maria Biselli, Executive Director, Brazillian Hotel Operators Forum – Fohb)

"Working as a projects advisor at BSH was a very gratifying experience, it provided me with a vast understanding of the amplitude of the hospitality industry and its investments. Beyond that, it strengthened the importance of the hospitality not as only an object of work, but also as a habit for a good social living."
(Ana Paula Ueti, Pousada Recanto dos Pássaros)

"I began to work at BSH International as an intern in 2003 when I was studying Hotel Management. I had the opportunity to work with some of the best experts in the hospitality market and learned a lot. I left the company in 2007 as the events coordinator. José Ernesto gave me the opportunity to organize of one of the most important conferences in this industry. I learned a lot and met unforgettable people. Ultimately, BSH is of great importance to my professional and personal trajectory."
(Paula Prota Bacchin, Boldness Comunicação)

"Working at BSH was a fundamental experience in my professional trajectory. I worked with top rate professionals, currently friends, that helped me to evolve. The respected name of the company is the result of its projects and I am happy I was part of this successful story, even if it were for a short period."
(Sergio Bueno, Development Manager, InterCity Hotels)

"Being part of the BSH team was extremely valuable to my professional training. Newly formed in the course of Technology in Hospitality, I was hired as an intern and then and then progresses to other functions. During the period I was in BSH lived with professionals who are market leader, enabling me to develop skills to analyze the hotel industry strategically and also to manage other projects that took up and develop the present day."

(Cicera Carla Senac University Center Director of Aguas de São Pedro)


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