BSH releases report on investments in Ceará

Consultancy presents information about the tourism market to future investors

BSH Travel Research, statistics division of BSH International, has just released a report on hotel investment opportunities in Ceará. The document provides information on the profile of tourism development in Brazil, legal guidelines for those who want to invest, information on the tourism market and the projects that currently represent real investment opportunities in Ceará.

The ten most advanced projects were highlighted, such as Fazenda Praia Canoé, Caponga Hotel, Aquiraz Riviera, Uruaú Project, Nova Atlântida Cidade Turística, Lagoinha Suites Resort, Morro Branco Resort, Dunas Douradas Tourist Complex, Cumbuco Golf Resort and Villa Duas Barras.

According to BSH International president, José Ernesto Marino Neto, “the report aims to show the real situation of the Ceará market and the projects most likely to be feasible, not least because Brazil presents its own investment risks and which are not known for foreign investors ”.

BSH International is the leading Brazilian company in the field of hotel investment and tourism real estate, focused on the conceptualization, planning, development and management of hotel investments. BSH Travel Research is a division of BSH International that publishes trend reports.

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