BSH opens commercial office in Belo Horizonte

BSH International installs an office in the capital of Minas Gerais that will have the experience of Dr. Nelson Quadros.

After intensive training at the BSH International headquarters in São Paulo, Dr. Nelson Quadros now serves the mining market representing BSH with commercial and market relations functions.

For José Ernesto Marino Neto, president of the consultancy BSH International: “We will have the possibility to serve the mining hospitality market with all the care it deserves. We will be physically present in Belo Horizonte, acting in the way the miner likes and speaking his language ”, points out Marino. “In addition, over the past 3 years we have been approached by several groups of mining investors interested in investing in hotels, not only in Minas, but also in the rest of the country. It was these last three years that encouraged us to have a permanent presence with a commercial office in Belo Horizonte ”.

Dr. Nelson Quadros sees this union with great optimism: “The moment is very opportune for the opening of the BSH office in Minas Gerais”, says the new consultant, “This scenario, which should prevail for the coming years, offers great opportunities for expansion and modernization of the hotel offer in Minas, as well as for BSH action in the state, since there is a lack here, the type of specialized consultancy that the company offers. Hospitality is a business that can be very profitable, but it requires competence and know-how to be successful ”, he adds.

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