Students at Univ. from NY make technical visit to Brazil

For the second consecutive year, José Ernesto Marino Neto, president of BSH International and emeritus member of the advisory board of the Hospitality Center at New York University, indicated the destinations to be visited

A group of ten people from the University of New York landed on Monday (15) at Eduardo Gomes International Airport, in Manaus. Formed by eight university students and graduate students and two professors from the renowned North American university, the group remains in Brazilian territory until next Saturday (20).

José Ernesto Marino Neto, president of the consultancy BSH International, is responsible for the group's script here. 'They will have three days in the Amazon and another three in Fortaleza and Jericoacoara. The program includes visits to indigenous tribes, jungle tours and unparalleled experiences, such as swimming with pink dolphins, as well as conversations with Brazilian experts. Jericoacoara brings together ecology and adventure tourism, topics that students are currently researching. Knowing products like these is a way to differentiate Brazil from other tourist destinations. Both places can offer the real perception that Brazil is not just sun, beach and sea ’, says Marino.

According to Ginger Smith, director of the NYU Hospitality Center, which hosts tourism, hospitality and sports courses, the trip will be an important source of research material. ‘Students will make reports and public presentations on tourism, transport, marketing aimed at environmental preservation and the process known as Green Mapping,’ says Smith. 'In 2009, the trip, which included Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasília, was focused on researching the economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts with the choice of Brazil as the venue for the World Cup, from the perspective of hospitality , tourism and sports management, courses that our Center offers. This year, the itinerary for the Amazon and the Northeast aims to observe the potential for adventure, voluntary and ecological tourism ’, adds the director.

'Invariably, NYU students will be leaders in the tourism industry in the future. By getting to know these destinations better, they will be able to introduce investments and disseminate knowledge to benefit Brazil. I am proud to contribute to my country, indicating that it is known by people who are or will be opinion makers ’, adds Marino.

BSH International is the leading Brazilian company in the field of hotel investment and tourism real estate, focused on the conceptualization, planning, development and management of hotel investments.