BSH International was born inside one of the most turbulent moments in Brazilian history, with high inflation and political instability, when nothing was contributing to long-term investments, but with the promise of the democratic regime resurgence.

BSH appears and grows in the midst of a small hotel industry, in profound transformation on January 2, 1989.

Brazil now has a company that has always been at the forefront, defending the interests of hospitality business investors and mastering disciplines that involves hotel investment.

Thus, BSH has generated its own demand by promoting business in Brazil worldwide. Introducing several international hotel companies in its country, organizing the largest hotel investment conference in Latin America for 17 years, helping to create condominium and condo-hotels governance systems, designing the main management systems, in addition of bringing services of Hotelier Asset Management to Brazil, or strategic investment management.

For staying true to its ideal, for its dedication, professionalism and for its honesty, BSH has consolidated itself as the main Brazilian company in the hotel investments area, centered both in hotel planning, development and investment management.

The history of BSH's first 30 years can be read in the BSH 30 year book.