Brazilian hospitality should receive investments of R $ 7.3 billion by 2014

BSH International study presents forecast of 198 new hotels in the country and generation of 31,729 direct jobs in the sector

BSH Travel Research, statistical division of BSH International, carried out the report “Investments in Brazil: Hotels & Resorts - 2011”, in which it presents intentions of investments in the national hospitality between this year and 2014.

The diagnosis informs that there are 198 hotels scheduled to open by the end of 2014, totaling 46,296 rooms, R $ 7.3 billion in investments and generation of 31,729 direct jobs.

In the years 2011 and 2013, the largest number of openings and, consequently, new housing units, investments and job creation should be concentrated. The regions with the most projects are the Southeast (38% of the total), with a predominance of establishments of economic category, and the Northeast (34%), with a higher concentration of resorts.

“In the 2011-2014 investment map, it is clear that the Southeast region is the one that concentrates the most expected hotels (76), but it is in the Northeast region that the largest number of apartments is located (25,350), since 77% of its projects are resorts , and they usually offer a greater structure and number of UHs than other categories, as well as needing more collaborators. The Midwest region is the one with the lowest numbers: there are 14 hotel developments (7% of the total projects), most of them economical, with 2,436 apartments and an amount of R $ 318 thousand ”, says José Ernesto Marino Neto, president and founder of BSH International.

Together, projects in the Economic (39%) and Midscale (22%) categories are expected to represent 61% of the total. In the sequence appear Resort (20%), Superior (10%), Super Economical (7%) and Upscale (3%).

Considering the hotel chains with the objective of investing in the country, Accor Hospitality is the one that intends to open more developments (73) and total a larger number of UHs (10,417), followed by Atlantica (24; 3,807), Allia Hotels (7 hotels) , Blue Tree Hotels (5), InterCity (4) and BHG (3).

The World Cup is a determining factor for the concentration of inaugurations. In Rio de Janeiro, for example, there will be 17 launches. The high number takes into account, in addition to the sports event, the need to diversify the current offer, restricted in times of high occupation, and the financial importance of the oil route. The second destination in the ranking of predicted openings considering the World Cup host cities is Salvador (10 hotels), followed by Belo Horizonte (9), Manaus (6), Natal (6), Porto Alegre (3), Cuiabá (3) , Recife (2), Curitiba (1) and São Paulo (1). Previous editions

The first edition of "Investments in Brazil: Hotels & Resorts" was launched in 2006 at the request of the Ministry of Tourism. The second was dated October 2008 and took into account the 2008-2010 triennium. It presented data on the opening of 154 projects, scheduled for September 2008 and December 2010, but only 61 (49.35%) were opened. Another 20.78% had the opening postponed and 29.87% canceled or without a forecast. Of the investment amount, only R $ 1,746,202,000 of the R $ 4,276,943,650 came true.

Among the hotels that started operating, 33% are concentrated in the Northeast, 30% in the Southeast, 20% in the North, 13% in the South and 5% in the Midwest. In addition, there was an average generation of jobs per housing unit inaugurated, due to the greater number of higher-class developments to the detriment of economic and mid-scale (9,284 apartments launched and 9,190 direct vacancies).

In order to carry out the study, information collected from about 90 institutions was taken into account, including state and municipal departments of tourism and economic development, hotel operators, real estate developers, Convention & Visitors Bureaux and the Brazilian Association of the Hotel Industry from different states, as well as specialized communication vehicles.

About BSH International

BSH International is a hospitality asset management company with expertise in operations in all phases of an investment, including identifying opportunities, conceptualizing products, structuring projects and businesses, assembling financial packages and managing investment. Founded in 1989, it has worked on projects totaling more than R $ 3 billion such as Hotel Unique (SP), Hotel Fasano Vieira Souto (RJ), Sheraton Barra (RJ), World Trade Center SP, Sheraton Porto Alegre, Beach Park Acqua (CE), among others throughout the Brazilian territory. He was also responsible for the insertion of several foreign hotel groups in Brazil, among them Sol Meliá (Spain), SuperClubs (Jamaica) and Tivoli (Portugal).