Lausanne's annual publication brings text about Brazil

For the second consecutive year, José Ernesto Marino Neto, president of BSH International, signs an article in the publication of the renowned Swiss school

Today (16), in Lausanne, Switzerland, the official launch of the Hotel Yearbook 2010, published by École Hotelier Lausanne, a renowned hospitality institution, takes place. The work brings trends to the hospitality market in 2010 from the perspective of 19 authors.

José Ernesto Marino Neto, president of the consultancy BSH International, is responsible for the text that addresses Brazil, the only country in Latin America represented in the publication this year.

‘The 2010 Yearbook analyzes 17 key markets. For the first time in four editions, we decided to adopt the digital version, which avoids the use of more than 5,000 kg of paper and makes it possible to expand our scope and book distribution ’, say the editors, Rudd Reuland and James Wade. ‘Every December, we ask experts to analyze what the challenges and opportunities for the hotel industry will be in the coming year’, they add.

‘Think like a Brazilian’ gives title to Marino’s four-page text, which traces a history of the evolution of hospitality in Brazil and explains, among other issues, why luxury hospitality doesn’t offer as many developments as the economy in the country.

‘This book, a reference in the hospitality industry, is distributed annually by the Lausanne School to the 10,000 largest leaders in tourism and hospitality in the world. I am proud to be one of the authors for the second consecutive year and for Brazil to arouse interest on the part of world leaders in the sector ’, says Marino.

In addition to Brazil, China, the United States, California, Dubai, Asia, seven European countries and the Central European region, in addition to Libya, are gaining analysis. This year's edition also features a special about three other African countries, including South Africa and its preparations for next year's World Cup, as well as articles on management, operation and sustainability in the hospitality industry.

Lausanne offers five versions of the Yearbook 2010 on its website . The full edition can be purchased for $ 24.95. There are two documents with free download and two for $ 14.95 and $ 17.95.

BSH International is the leading Brazilian company in the field of hotel investment and tourism real estate, focused on the conceptualization, planning, development and management of hotel investments.