Hotel Asset Management is the assistance service for hotel owners that wish to achieve their goals.

This service is provided by a team of professionals who, through a specialized company, can be defined as: “Owner's representative who ensures the hotel is being/ has been purchase/ed for a reasonable price, and it is being operated properly while the owner is its owner, and is being/ will be) sold at the appropriate time and price ”.

A Hotel Asset Manager must have knowledge of business administration, finance, marketing, law, engineering, hotel operations, HR and investment management.

BSH defines itself as a Hospitality Asset Management company, because it is formed by a multidisciplinary team that masters all these competences, committed to the goals of its clients and knows how to take care of hotel investments.

BSH team, in performance of its functions as asset manager, can take care of the entire investment cycle, preparing the Strategic Investment Plan and executing it in order to assure investors that the results of the planning are being pursued unceasingly.

The Investment Plan or Asset Management Plan must establish the parameters of investment and return, must also define the moment of leaving.

The Hotel Asset Manager is responsible for managing the investment, supervising the hotel operation and the physical asset.