The development services provided by BSH are connected to the interests of the real estate developers and general investors, to the client's profile and financial objectives. Initially, we establish the financial bases and areas of interest, geographic and/or products.

The market research will always be independent, using the knowledge achieved to create products according to what is needed, and the financial goals previously established.

BSH is able by its competences to create any concept, from the most diverse ones.

It has always been pioneer and innovator. Mixed-use projects, such as Sheraton Barra (Rio de Janeiro), Beach Park Acqua (Cerá), Four Points by Sheraton Macaé (Macaé, Rio de Janeiro), Caesar Business Salvador (Salvador, Bahia) and The Five (Curitiba, Paraná), are examples of our pioneering and innovation spirit.

The creation of the concept and the economic plan, the assistance with architectural and engineering design, as well as the guidance on project planning, are scopes included in the BSH development process.

Moreover, the sum of our several competences allows BSH to assist even in constructions of new legal conceptions. In 1990, we developed jointly with Accor Hospitality, the first documents that guided the hotel market growth of hotel in condominium type.

Additionally, BSH is involved with the entire marketing and sales planning process of the enterprise, including training to the “brokers” and/or support to distributors of the investment to be offered.

The entire process aims to create a long-life product, an enterprise with acceptable return rate for entrepreneurs and a profitable investment, desired by the final investor.